A regular MATLAB m-file can work as model. The file should have its function definition in the first line. Function output arguments correspond to model's output variables. Function input arguments should contain all or none of the model variables. Comment lines that follow function definition are used as model comments.

Model description distinguishes model from other m-files and allows to use the model for data analysis. Model description follows the model comments and should be enclosed in <gfitModelDescription version="100"> and </gfitModelDescription> tags. All lines of model description should be commented out and thus ignored by MATLAB environment. MATLAB comment symbols, % appearing in the beginning of the line are, in turn, ignored by when it reads model description.

The language for m-file model description attempts to be both expressive and human-readable (XML is an alternative language for model description). The following simple model serves as an illustration. The major part of model description defines variables and their relationships. The variables are defined through their attributes (see complete list of variable attributes).

Definitions for variable attributes can be divided between several tables to present all the information in the most compact and intuitive manner. The first row of each table begins with word variable followed by the names of variable attributes specified in that table. Each subsequent line begins with variable name followed by variable attribute values. All variable attributes and their acceptable values are listed here.

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