attribute nameaccepted values (default shown bold)applies to variable typecomment
namewordallshould be valid Java and Matlab name
unitstringallunit of measurement
typeindependentall variable cannot be estimated, will not form parameters and should be present in the experimental data
paravariable will always form parameters; experimental values will be used as starting values
freetreat as independent if present in dataset; treat as parameter otherwise
dependentvariable is simulated by the model and measured in experiment
indexsingle integer values that change properties of the model e.g. number of species, number of number of steps in reaction, etc.
plotLogboolall except indexplot variable on log scale
dimension1 [dimension2] ...
each dimension can have following formats:
all except indexsize of the variable array in every dimension can be constrained independently
fixed size
minSize maxSize [/factor] [+remainder]
bound constraints
variableName [dimension] [/divider] [*multiplier] [+addend]
linear relationship to variable dimension
indexName [/divider] [*multiplier] [+addend]
linear relationship to index
orderascendindependent or parastrictly ascending values
ascendEqascending or equal
unsortedno sorting required
descendEqdescending or equal
optimizeboolparadefault optimization flag
linkExptsboolparaby default, keep parameters from different experiments equal
linkElmntsboolparaby default, keep parameters for different elements equal
minVal-Inf, floatindependent, para, indexlower bound value, inclusive
maxValInf, floatindependent, para, indexupper bound value, inclusive
startValfloatindependent, para, indexdefault current value
variableName1 [variableName2] ...
all independent variables
dependentvariables required for simulating this dependent variable
variableName1 ...
, 0,1,2,3,... index
dependentplot dependent variable as a function of these variables
dataTypedouble, intindependent 
weightdoubledependentdefault statistical weight for all experimental values of this type
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